Do you ever feel insignificant, unworthy or that you don’t belong here or anywhere?

If you said yes, we are more alike than you probably know. If you are like me, life has been a struggle, its been painful and downright unbearable at times.

You may feel as I’ve felt…like an alien, like you don’t fit in, you know you are here for a reason but aren’t sure yet what that is…and its super frustrating to not know!

You may feel as though life just seems to get worse and there is no end in sight to the pain, the frustration, the confusion and the “morning dread”. You have a deep desire to help others but you don’t know how to do this and recognize you probably need to help yourself before you can help anyone else.

If you are thinking and feeling these things…I really get it! So the good news is that you ARE understood…by me. And you are not alone, I know how to move out of this and can help you if you decide you are ready to and you deserve to be happy!

A little about my background…I grew up in Maryland, out in the suburbs of the Washington DC Metro area. I am one of 6 kids, my parents had a huge age difference and were not exactly “in love”. They fought a lot, mostly about money, and my Dad was an angry and very “harsh” energy to be around and I would hide from him and spend time with my Mom in the kitchen baking.

This is how I came to find peace, healing and “escape” during my childhood, in baking…and later became a pastry chef! While I love this creative outlet, its more of a hobby now and mostly “healthy baking”. I’m now a VEGAN and LOVE that I can still eat amazing food without harming animals in the process.

My soul has a huge MISSION:

To awaken every living Being to the awareness of their significance in this world.

…which led me here to create this community.

My soul has a powerful VISION which is to:

Nurture awakened, intuitive women to see themselves as a worthy, vital Soul creating a purposeful life rooted in reverence, unity and authentic self -expression.

…which led us here to co-create together in this community.

I’m truly honored to be on this journey with you.

All my love,