Connie Nash is an internationally recognized Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Mentor for Intuitive, Empathic Women. She is the Founder of Align with Love and she Nurtures Significance through Self-Worth and Belonging Honoring Individual Expression.

She empowers intuitive, empathic women who have already done a ton of deep healing work on themselves, yet still feel unworthy and invisible, know their true significance in this world so they can authentically express themselves knowing they are a vital soul.

Her core program, Soul Significance™, focuses on three phases: Soul Recognition, Soul Reverence and Soul Expression™

Her work is foundational to being willing to be seen for who you really are. As a Vital Soul, you are here for a reason with important work to do. In order to carry out your soul’s mission and calling, you must first feel worthy of it. This is the work. It precedes everything. Your cup must be full and overflowing before you have anything to give others.

Connie’s journey of awakening to her intuitive and empathic gifts began more than 20 years ago where she “rescued herself from her deepest pain”. As a result of her own deep healing and transformation work, as well as working with private clients from all over the world, she successfully facilitates many life-changing transformations for her clients, including removing the “black cloud” that had been following them and the undercurrent of sadness.

Connie has had the honor to speak alongside such luminaries as Marci Shimoff, Debra Poneman, Joseph Rubino, Morgana Rae, Ken W. Stone, Kaarin Alisa and many others.

She currently works with clients in private session and in groups and will be returning to her soul’s sacred home, in Northern California later this year in 2018 where she will be facilitating in-person and global events. She is also available for speaking and facilitation’s so please contact her for invitations to speak at your event! connie at alignwithlove (dot) com.