Work in Progress

For those of you who have been with me since the beginning, back in 2010 when Align With Love was born, I first want to say thank you for your loyalty and for being on this ever-changing journey with me.

You have seen me go through many changes in my personal life but also in how that has been expressed through my work. You might have noticed quite a few changes in my activity with you over the last year especially. While I have share a little bit about where I’ve been, there is much more to share when the time is right. For now, know that I’m still here, very much with you energetically and inter-dimensionally.

I truly love each and every one of you as you are beloved souls to me. I don’t have to know you personally, have worked with you in the past or had any interaction at all. Simply know I feel your presence and you are all vital souls. Not just to me but to this world.

I’ve had the absolute dream of lifetime become a reality in 2017 and that was to hire a very special  coach who has helped me clarify what my soul specifically came here to do but also to understand how to first live it and be it so that I have something to give in the form of sharing it with all of you and many more to come.

I now know exactly why I am here, what I am here to do, who I am here to do it for (all living beings), and specifically how I am to carry out the vision of my soul’s ultimate mission. This is all very exciting and it is beginning to take form now as I write this.

You will be seeing MUCH more and hearing from me MUCH more in 2018. This website is a work in progress as the new reveal of my Soul-FULL business which I will be launching when divine timing says so 🙂

In the meantime, I will continue to reach you through the Inner Divinity Messages and know that you are forever in my heart and soon we will be working much more closely together as you feel inspired.

Always with love,